The Jellyfish Crew Story

Hi I'm Kim, the owner and designer behind Jellyfish Crew & Co., a clothing brand that is based out of Alaska and designed around my little crew. I've been drawing since I was a little girl. But it wasnt until I became a mother of 3 when I started to really get inspired. In 2012 I decided to start putting my 3 daughters (Mia, Sofie & Estella) imaginations down on paper. A couple of years went by and my drawings were piling up. Finally in 2014, when I went back home to Chignik Lagoon, AK. I found a name for my art design. While I was taking photos of my daughter Stella, she was dressed in her "Go-To" outfit, a tutu and a pair of xtratufs. She began jumping, dancing and twirling and at that moment I realized she looked just like a dancing jellyfish. When I finally decided to start my own company in the Fall of 2017, our family of 5 went to a family of 6 due to the birth of our son Cruz in 2016. Dancing Jellyfish that once sounded so right, made no sense at all at that point. Born into a commercial fishing family, the word "crew" was said and heard a lot. Having a little crew of my own, there really wasn't any other words to describe my kids behind my design and brand, thats when Jellyfish Crew & Co. was born!
In my designs you will see the innocent & wild imaginations of my little crew. As I launch more designs in the future you will notice that the children I draw only have back views. That is because I want you to see from a child's stand point, to imagine what they're seeing.  
Here at Jellyfish Crew & Co. we highly recommend jumping through puddles and getting wet or making mud pies and getting dirty. We hope you love wearing our pieces. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading just a little bit about us. 
Everything is MADE IN USA, art is designed and printed in Alaska