Covid and the Jellyfish crew...

Some might have wondered what ever happened to the Jellyfish Crew. And most probably thought it must of been due to Covid. Well... yes it is because of Covid, but we didn’t go anywhere. We’re just sitting back and riding the waves. All though our social media is pretty quite, we’re just on the side lines. As you see our web shop is still available to you, we just don’t have any new apparel (yet). But once we do, you will know. Last Spring we were in the middle of taking our whole hoodie line to tie-dye to join the rest of the Spring and Summer Fad. But then Covid hit, all doors shut and the world had other plans. Luckily and thankfully we didn’t have to lose or close our business. But our hearts truly go out to all of the other owners who did.
During this time we are focusing on the direction we want to go with our apparel. In the meantime please stay patient. I know there’s specific designs that you, our customers would like to get their hands on. Please believe me I have not forgotten about you. I hope to be able to offer some thing, hopefully soon and better then ever!
We hope to see you all very soon.

Stay safe and healthy and mostly, thank you for checking in on us.

We miss you!

Your Crew,

The Jellyfish Crew & Co.